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Only Successful Events™ Event Planning Certification

If you’re interested in advancing your career, and establishing yourself as leader in the event industry, event planning certification is a MUST! There are way too many people out there claiming to be event planners and producers. To a prospective employer or client, they all look alike!

However, you can easily set yourself apart while honing your skills... Elevating your reputation and status with an Only Successful Events™  Certification.

As you know, planning and producing a profitable, successful event is not easy! That’s why qualified event producers are in such high demand. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for experienced event producers will grow almost 10% over the next few years. 

Event Planning Certifications Overview -  Available Programs

​​​Trade Show Expert

Learn how to organize an industry-specific event. Events that bring vendors and potential customers together.

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Trade Show Expert Certification

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​​​Meeting Planner

Understand the nuances of corporate meetings. You'll also learn how to adjust meetings based on their goals and attendance levels.

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Meeting Event Planner Certification

​​​Corporate Event Planner

From day-long workshops to retreats, & outings, learn all the details with the corporate event planning certification, designed to meet your client needs.

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Corporate Event Planner Certification

​​Event Marketing Expert

Public events depend on getting butts in seats - attendance is crucial to sustaining success. With this event certification, you'll learn how to promote your events.

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Event Marketing Expert Certification

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Wedding Planner

As wedding planner, you'll be responsible for memories designed to last a lifetime. Learn how you can meet and exceed your couple's needs to design a day no one will forget.

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Wedding Event Planner Certification

​​Only Successful Events Certified Partner

Qualified vendors can take this certificate to learn about and meet the quality standards that have made Only Successful Events so successful over time.

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Partner Certification

Before your event planning certification TAKE OUR FREE MASTERCLASS

​5 Things You MUST ​know For A Hugely ProfitablE eVent!

Hosted by our founder April Iannazzone. As a result, by attending this free hour long training, you will eliminate the risk of hosting an event. Furthermore, you'll optimize your revenue chances, and even secure sponsorships. Learn how you can eliminate your risks, leverage multiple revenue streams, and get butts in the seats before the event kicks off.

Finally, if you're still unsure about which event certification is right for you, let's talk!  

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