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Exclusively for Event Planners, Event Producers, & Event Professionals

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This event planning podcast is an incredible resource!
If you're a event producer, planner or professional who wants to gain that unfair advantage over your competition, attract high ticket clients, or land those “big brands”

AND...  if you're truly ready to dominate the event industry, then you're in the right place!

You're listening to the Only Successful Events Show with your host, April Iannazzone.  

If you're willing to put in the work, our inspiring interviews, massive game changing strategies, and innovative event solutions, will not only transform your business, but transform you as a leader in industry.

Do I have your attention? Good! Now listen up because we're about to jump right in…

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Check Out the Latest Episode of the Only Successful Events Show | Event Planning Podcast...

As you listen in our watch each episode you'll notice the OSE team hand selects experts in the industry.  Every week we'll take a deep dive into topics that will focus your thinking around event planning and how you will grow you business.

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