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How To Plan An Event Successfully 

When learning how to plan an event successfully there are many things that come into play.   By far, the biggest factor should be your event goals! 

In this episode, event producer April Iannazzone shares exactly what you need to know so you and your clients can have an incredibly successful and profitable event!

You'll learn:

  • The 4 reasons people produce events.
  • The TOP 3 event revenue streams for events
  • Why it's imperative that you get crystal clear on your #1event revenue stream!
  • Your attendee promise

Watch or listen below:

When we think of how to plan an event successfully, most of the time we do not think about the goals of the event.

The goals of both the company producing it as well as the goal of the attendee. 

So, let me ask you, what is the primary reason the main reason you are producing this event?

You see, when learning hot to plan an event successfully you must understand that people produce for only one of three reasons...

1st  As an income generator. 

YES!  It is absolutely possibly to make multiple 6 figures, even 7 figures on an event. In full transparency I personally have never profited 7 figures on a single event but I have made multiple 6 figures on several events. And know the million dollar event is in my near future

For many event planners, the events are their  business and the company's primary revenue stream.  
I know there are some of you are reading this because you feel hosting an event will compliment your everyday.  And that event will also provide an amazing additional revenue stream.

If this is you, maybe you only host one main event a year... possibly even a couple smaller workshops or retreats.

2nd   To build influence or brand recognition.  

If you learn how to plan an event successfully and it's executed right, events can put you and your company on the map.  Events build instant credibility in a niche and authority in an in industry. 

For instance, My Med Spa Growth & Profitability Company was brand new into the aesthetic industry.  I hosted the 2019 Med Spa Growth & Profitability Summit to establish that I am a big player in the industry and I want everyone talking about us!

No one knew my company’s name before the event. We were only 8 months old when we started marketing the summit.  And because of the Only Successful Events proven system and structure I was able to bring in Big name sponsors like Allergan, CoolScuplting, At&T Viveve and so many more. 

That event blew up my med spa marketing business. We had to start waiting list of clients that cannot wait to work with us. 

The last Reason why people want to learn how to plan an event successfully is to:

3rd  To build community

Whether it is inside their organization… Such as team building or announcing a new project, or a new merger. Or possibly in the public where your building a community or tribe of like minded people with the same goals.

Actually, I guess… there really could be a 4th reason…  

The fourth reason someone would want to learn how to plan an event successfully  would be if another company or person hired you.  And then it would be one of the above above three goals for their company. So I want you to write down YOUR reason for producing this event?

You got it? 

Okay Great!

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The next step in learning how to plan an event successfully is  deciding on the #1 revenue stream for your event.

I know what you're thinking but... DON'T WORRY!  All events have many, many event revenue streams. Hopefully you WILL be leveraging most of them!  In fact, you can get a list of over 25 event revenue streams by clicking here.

The reason why we have to define the #1 revenue source for this event is because this is really the key to how to plan an event successfully.

Your #1 revenue stream will dictate so many other factors as you’re planning out your event.  Such as, how you market. How you design the sponsorship packages and partner programs.  And ultimately the way your tickets are sold, etc.

There are ONLY 3 options for main revenue streams for every event! 

No matter what type of event you are planning. They are… 


Ticket Sales



& Exhibitors


Selling from Stage

or "Back of Room"

So what is  going to be your #1 revenue stream for this event?

Is it the ticket sale? 

Is it to make money on the sponsorships on the exhibitors? 

For my  women’s expo. Sponsorships and exhibitors were my #1 revenue stream. So we had to get as many women into that room as we could to deliver what we promised to the sponsors and make them happy.

If you main revenue source is to make money from sponsorships. Then it is your goal to get as many targeted attendees into that room as you can… however you can! 

A great way to do this is strategic partners.  You can give event partners 100% commission if someone buys a ticket through their link.

Maybe your number 1 revenue source to make money selling something from the stage or the back of the room?  Such as a coaching or consulting program. 

For instance at my Self-Made Success LIVE my number 1 revenue source was selling the  Self-Made Success 12 month Mastermind at  $12,000.  So I had to make sure I had a qualified very targeted audience.  And there are many ways to do this. 

As you are really trying to figure out how to plan an event successfully, you must get Crystal Clear on what you #1 revenue stream is.  

Okay… Enough about our goals.  Let’s talk about the goal for your attendees:

What is the reason someone would first, take out their credit card. Then, purchase a ticket.  And finally, show up to your event?   Over here at Only Successful Events we like to call it our “attendee promise”.

Our attendee promise is really different depending on the type of event we are producing. 

When you start putting the pieces together on how to plan an event,  your promise must be concise.  The attendee promise should be a very clear and enticing reason people to want to come.

Now let’s briefly talk about numbers..

When you are figuring out how to plan an event successfully, I want you to write down the total amount of money you WILL have generated after your event. It really is funny, but people tend to have a tendency for setting this number too low.

I know for most of you after you see the potential possibility sponsorships as a revenue streams this will be much bigger.

Now with the next number people usually set this number a bit high. Write down the number of attendees you will have at your event?

For now, this is a great starting starting point for when you're just learning how to plan an event. 

In conclusion, I hope April's video and post gave you a great starting point for how to plan an event successfully.  Don't forget to download your list of the 25 event revenue streams. 

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